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  1. We develop and market whole new realities, mixing and matching magic with beauty to answer the needs of our customers. Customers that are looking for a different, unforgettable experience.

    Not just an ancient Thai house, Not just a temporary beauty,
  2. But a charming and enchanted traditional way of life that will put you under a spell… here at Dhabkwan.

    Dhabkwan mirrors the traditional Thai way of life and transports you back to those precious moments of the past. Located in a truly authentic atmosphere, a cluster of 6 Thai style

  3. houses built from the Ayudthaya period take your imagination back to a Thai way of life surrounded by attentive staff. The sweet smell of White Champaka and Jasmine among other fragrant flowers delight the senses, evoking relaxing and peaceful memories of the past. Dhabkwan’s unique signature is the Thai traditional massage, a practice originating from

  4. the Royal Palace where only a few were privileged enough to experience such rare and exceptionally soothing pampering.

    Believe it or not? The breathtaking atmosphere, the beautiful and cultured way of life practiced here will put you under a spell from your very first visit.